Published Theses

Rauhala Lauri (1969). Intentionality and the problem of unconscious

Siro Kaino (1969). Uber die Auntonomie des Seelischen in Lichte des Phi-Phänomens

Routila Lauri (1970). Die Aristotelische idee der ersten Philosophie

Airaksinen Timo (1975). The Ontological Criteria of Reality. A Study of Bradley and McTaggard

Sajama Seppo (1983). Idea, Judgement and Will

Korte-Karapuu Irma (1984). Universalization on Ethics

Talja Jari (1984). Studies in Possibility, Ability and Not-Doing

Lagerpetz Eerik (1989). A Conventionalist Theory of Institutions

Koistinen Olli (1991). On the Metaphysics of Spinoza´s Ethics

Räikkä Juha (1992). An Essay on International Justice

Oksanen Markku (1998). Nature as Property: Environmental Ethics and the Institution of Ownership.

Maunu Ari (2000). Worldlessness, Determinism and Free Will

Haukioja Jussi (2000). Rule-Following, Response-Dependence and Realism

Takala Tuija (2000). Genes, Sense and Sensibility. Philosophical Studies on the Ethics of Modern Biotechnologies

Repo Arto (2001). Leibniz on Substances and Material Things

Kajamies Timo (2001). Problems from Descartes' Theory of Truth: Misrepresentation, Modality and the Cartesian Circle

Launis Veikko (2001). Multidimensional Bioethics: A Pluralistic Approach to the Ethics of Modern Human Biotechnology

Korte Tapio (2001). Frege and his Epigones

Wennberg Mikko (2001). Beyond Offer and Acceptance

Varelius Jukka (2002). Prudential Values

Packalén Elina (2003). Three Aspects of One Form of Dependence

Juha-Pekka Rentto (2004). A Secular Rearrangement of Catholic Themes In Bioethics

Juho Ritola (2004). Begging the Question: A study of a Fallacy

Siipi Helena (2005). Naturalness, Unnaturalness, and Artifactuality in Bioethical Argumentation

Arstila Valtteri (2005). Paradox of Colors

Aaltola Elisa (2006). Animal Individuality: Cultural and Moral Categorisations

Viljanen Valtteri (2007). Spinoza’s Dynamics of Being: The Concept of Power and Its Role in Spinoza’s Metaphysics

Ahteensuu Marko (2008) In Dubio Pro Natura?

Heino Kari (2012). The Virtuous Journalist, an Updated View – A Study in the Ethics of Journalism

Takala Tuomo (2012). Essays on Business and Leadership Ethics

Laiho Hemmo (2012). Perception in Kant's Model of Experience

Taratuta Ekaterina (2013). Social Meaning of Nostalgia

Melan Mikael (2013). Will and Mechanisms

de Bruyn Daryl (2014). Spinoza's Concept of Emending the Intellect

Pakaslahti Arvi (2015). The Rejection of Prioritarianism

Hämäläinen Mika (2015). The Concept of Betterness and Sport Competitions

Joronen Sanna (2015). Climate Change and Ethics of Geoengineering - Implications of Climate Emergency Ethics

Uusitalo Susanne (2015). Addictions in Action

Sinokki Jani (2016). Descartes' Metaphysics of Thinking

Weyermann Daniel (2016). Political Legitimacy and Ethnocultural Justice

Ranki Kreeta (2016). Animal Experience in Kant's Philosophy

Suojanen Mika (2017). The Immediate Object of Perception: A Sense-datum

Nikkarla Markus (2017). Kant's Transcendental Deductions: A New Elucidation