The teaching of philosophy spans several faculties of the University of Turku. The discipline provides the faculty of social sciences with lecture series on argumentation theory, philosophy of science and ethics of science. Philosophy is also a part of a module on multiculturalism and migration. At the faculty of medicine, there are courses for example on theory of science, bioethics and philosophy of science. Students of nursing science participate in the course on the ethics of science. Many general philosophy courses are included in the module on ethics (elämänkatsomustieto) organized by the faculty of humanities. The discipline of philosophy has offered teaching on the philosophy of science at the Turku School of Economics. In the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences, philosophy participates in the lecture series on society and environmental protection and the module on sustainable development.
The teaching and courses in philosophy are for the most part conducted in Finnish. However, most of the book exams are in English, and so are some of the courses that the discipline offers. Please see the page Courses in English for a list of current and forthcoming courses available in English.
Although the department of philosophy does not currently offer an English language BA and MA degree program, postgraduate studies are possible in English. Philosophy is also a popular subject among exchange students. Prospective international students interested in study at the University of Turku are advised to visit the University admissions page for more information about admission and the Faculty’s studying page, as well as contact the personnel of the department.