Courses in philosophy in English

​Autumn 2018

Philosophy of Biology 13.9.-22.11. (2 ECTS)
Teacher: Joseph Almog and Helena Siipi
Time and place: Thursdays at 10-12, Seminar Room 299 (Publicum) 
There is no registration to the course.

Wittgenstein´s Philosophical Invertigations 13.9.-13.12. (4 ECST)
Teacher: Hanna Appelqvist
Time and place:  Thursdays at 12-14, Lecure hall PUB 5 (Publicum)
There is no registration to the course.

Philosophy of Aesthetics 11.9.-19.12. (4 ECST)
Teacher: Joseph Almog
Time and place: Tuesdays at 14-16, Seminar Room 150  (Publicum) 

There is no registration to the course.
More information: Philosophy of Aesthetics

Book exams offered in English, Autumn 2018

The book exams take place on Fridays from 12.00 to 16 in seminar room 150  (Publicum, Assistentinkatu 7, 1st floor). The exams can be taken on the following dates: 19.10. and 14.12. 
The student must register to the book exam one week in advance through NettiOpsu​. When you register to the exam, write the names of all the books you are taking the exam on. Also mention in the "special agreements" -field that you are taking the exam in English so that you will receive the questions in English.