Political Systems Subprogramme
The study of the Political systems at the Department has a wide variety of research focuses. Overall, issues related to the functioning of the democracy have dominated the research agenda. Many of the ongoing research are related to democractic institutions, their design and evaluation. The methods employed range from purely theoretical analyses to experimental and comparative techniques.

More concretely, projects within Political Systems include research on the role and performance of parliaments, political discourses and deliberation in parliaments and other contexts, the patterns of political competition, parties and party systems, as well as new forms of democracy such as citizens' initiatives and deliberative mini-publics. Following the tradition of Public Choice Research Centre (PCRC, 2008-) formal modelling is applied especially in the study of collective decision-making and common pool resources. Another noteworthy strand is experimental research which is used to analyze the effects of institutional environments on individual and group decision-making.