Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience

The centre is situated in the faculty of Social Sciences, next to the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Turku.

Selected publications

Sandman,  N., Valli, K., Kronholm, E., Ollila, H.M., Revonsuo, A., Laatikainen, T., Paunio, T. (2013). Nightmares: Prevalence among the Finnish General Adult Population and War Veterans during 1972-2007. Sleep, 36, 1041-1050.

Kwon, M. S., Vorobyev, V., Kännälä, S., Laine, M., Rinne, J. O., Toivonen, T., Johansson, J., Teräs, M., Lindholm, H., Alanko, T., & Hämäläinen, H. (2011). GSM mobile phone radiation suppresses brain glucose metabolism. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 31, 2293-301.

Kallio, S., Hyönä, J., Revonsuo, A., Sikka, P., & Nummenmaa, L. (2011). The existence of a hypnotic state as revealed by eye movements. PLoS One, 6, 1-7.

Koivisto, M., Railo,. H., Revonsuo, A., Vanni, S., & Salminen-Vaparanta, N. (2011). Recurrent processing in V1/V2 contributes to categorization of natural scenes. Journal of Neuroscience, 31, 2488-2492.

Railo, H., Koivisto, M., Revonsuo, A. (2011). Tracking the processes behind conscious perception: A review of event-related potential correlates of visual consciousness. Consciousness and Cognition, 20, 972-983.

Korpilahti, P., Jansson-Verkasalo, E., Mattila, M-L., Kuusikko, S., Suominen, K., Rytky, S., Pauls, D., & Moilanen, I. (2007). Processing of affective prosody of speech is impaired in Asperger syndrome. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 37, 1539-1549.


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