Muuttuva Salo: Sudden structural changes – case study of Nokia plant closing in Salo

The impact of the structural change on welfare, employment and economic structure in Salo.

The city of Salo has been the subject of large-scale dismissals and rapid structural change in recent years.  The study will examine the impacts of the structural change on the individual and on the regional economic development.

The study will consider this question relative to the health, welfare and employment prospects of the individual and to the whole regional economic structure. The special interest is in the development of the services and the benefits provided by Kela.

The project is funded by the University of Turku and Kela.



Researchers in charge:

University lecturer, D.Soc.Sc.

Minna Ylikännö (Social policy, University of Turku)

+3582 333 8896


Researcher, Ph.D.

Sari Kehusmaa (Kela research department)

 +3582 0634 2866