Department of Social Research




Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology and Economic Sociology form the Department of Social Research. Areas of expertise profiling the departments teaching and research include well-being issues, cultural interaction, social inequality and comparative research. 


Professors and Research Directors

Merja Anis, Professor, Social Work
Veli-Matti Ritakallio, Professor, Social Policy
Katja Forssén, Professor, Social Work
Hannu Ruonavaara, Professor, Sociology
Jani Erola, Professor, Sociology
Sampo Ruoppila, Research Director (urban studies), Department of Social Research

Heikki Ervasti, Professor, Social Policy

​​Pekka Räsänen, Professor, Economic Sociology
Mikko Niemelä, Professor, Sociology
Suvi Salmenniemi, Associate Professor, Sociology
Leo Nyqvist, Professor, Social Work
​Minna Ylikännö, Professor (TOPSOS), Social Policy

University teachers 

University lecturers

​Assi Ailoranta, Social Work Riitta Granfelt, Social Work
​Mikko Aro, Social Work
Mia Hakovirta, Social Policy (on leave of absence 1.7.2014-31.7.2018)​
Mirkka Danielsbacka, Sociology Suvi Keskinen, Sociology (on leave of absence 1.9.2014-31.8.2019)
Henna Isoniemi, Social Policy
Leena Koivusilta, Social Policy (on leave of absence 1.8.2012-31.7.2017)
Anne-Mari Jaakola, Social Work
Laura Lyytikäinen, Sociology
Anniina Kaittila, Social Work
Olli Pyyhtinen, Sociology (on leave of absence 1.8.2014-31.7.2017)
Lauri Mäkinen, Social Policy ​Jarkko Rasikangas, Social Work
Päivi Naumanen, Sociology
Milla Salin, Social Policy
​​Veera Niemi, Social Work (on leave of absence 20.8.2015-31.5.2017) Salla Sariola, Sociology
​​Niina Nurmela, Social Work ​Takis Venetoklis, Social Policy
Johanna Nurmi, Sociology 
Arttu Saarinen, Economic Sociology
​Milla Salin, Social Policy (on leave of absence 1.9.2016-31.7.2017)
Outi Sarpila, Economic Sociology
​Enna Toikka, Social Work
Jukka Vuorinen, Economic Sociology

Research Staff

Doctoral Candidates​

Mia Hakovirta, Academy Research Fellow, Pocial Policy ​​​​Harley Bergroth, Sociology
Risto Haverinen,Senior Research Fellow, Sociology ​Titiana Ertiö, Doctoral Candidate, Economic Sociology
​​​Juho Härkönen, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Research ​​Emma Holkeri, UTUGS, Economic Sociology
Marika Jalovaara, Academy Research Fellow, Sociology Ilari Ilmakunnas, UTUGS, Social Policy​
​​Sanna Kailaheimo, Project Researcher, Sociology ​​Sanni Jalonen-Kotimäki, UTUGS, Sociology
Johanna Kallio, Senior Research Fellow, Sociology  Aleksi Karhula, UTUGS, Sociology
Esa Karonen, Project Researcher, Sociology
​Aki Koivula, Economic Sociology
Teo Keipi, Senior Researcherm Economic Sociology Hannu Lehti, Sociology
​​Suvi Keskinen, Academy Research Fellow, Sociology ​​
Hanna Kettunen, Project Researcher, Sociology
​​Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Senior Research Fellow, Sociology 
​Ilkka Koiranen, Project researcher, Economic Sociology
​Matti Lindberg, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sociology
Taru Lindblom, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Economic Sociology
Carita Lockmer, Project Researcher, Sociology
​Patricia McMullin, Senior Researcher, Sociology
Katja Pohjola, Project Researcher, Sociology
Heta Pöyliö, Project Researcher, Sociology
Laura Salonen, Project Researcher, Sociology
​Noora Scheinin, Senior Research Fellow, Sociology
​Elina Sutela, Project Researcher, Social Policy
​​Antti Tanskanen, Senior Research Fellow, Sociology

​Enna Toikka, Project Researcher, Social Policy
Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sociology
Mari Toivanen, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sociology
Timo Toivonen, Professor Emeritus, Economic Sociology
​Sampo Varjonen, Project Researcher, Sociology
​Antti Veilahti, Senior Researcher, Sociology

Research Assistants and Trainees

Grantees and Doctoral Students

​Tanja Grönroos, Research Assistant, Social Policy Satu Husso, Sociology
​Mari Haapanen, Research Assistant, Social Policy Merita Jokela, Social Policy
​Jenni Iirola, Research Assistant, Social Policy Laura Järvi, Social Policy
​Sonja Kekäläinen, Trainee, Economic Sociology ​​Tuula Kaitsaari, Social Work
​Petteri Koivula, Research Assistant, Sociology ​Harpa Njáls, Social Policy
​Pietari Kujala, Research Assistant, Sociology ​Irene Prix, Sociology
​Päivi Leppänen, Research Assistant, Economic Sociology Ritva Salminniitty, Sociology​
​​​​​Sami Mustikkamaa, Research Assitant, Social Policy Minna Seikkula, Sociology
​Vesa-Matti Paasivaara, Research Assistant, Sociology ​Xie Shenghua, Social Policy
Samuli Pitzén, Research Assistant, Sociology ​​​​Minna Strömberg-Jakka, Social Work
​​Nirosha Pöyhölä, Research Assistant, Sociology
Jutta Reippainen, Trainee, Sociology

Administrative Staff

Erika Lilja, Senior Administrative Officer
Tuula Kaitsaari, Senior Administrative Officer (on leave of absence 1.10.2015-31.12.2017)
Ulla Morelli, Student Services Secretary
Ulrika Nordblom, Student Services Secretary
Mika Orjala, Project Coordinator, Sociology
Lina Suominen, Education Coordinator
Marja Tamminen, Financial Secretary
Katja Tervahartiala, Project Coordinator, Sociology
Jaana Tähti, Financial Secretary

 Contact Information

Street address: Assistentinkatu 7, Publicum building, 3rd and 4th floor
Mail address: Department of Social Research, 20014 University of Turku

Head of department

Professor Hannu Ruonavaara
Tel. +358 2 333 5382

Deputy Presenting Official

Department Coordinator 
Marja Andersson
Tel. +358 2 333 5535

Unit Contact Information:

Street address: Assistentinkatu 7, Publicum building, 3rd floor
 Tel: +358 2 333 5898
Street address: Assistentinkatu 7, Publicum building, 4th floor
Tel: +358 2 333 5376
Street address: Assistentinkatu 7, Publicum building, 4th floor
Tel: +358 2 333 5376