Johanna Marketta Kallio

Research Areas:

  • Welfare Attitudes
  • Social Mobility
  • Intergenerational Transmission of Social and Economic Disadvantages
  • Poverty
  • Quantitative Methods

Research Projects:

Tackling Inequalities in Time of Austerity (TITA)

Intergenerational marginalization and nonmaterial contributory and protective factors

Latest Publications in English:

Laihiala T., Kallio J., Ohisalo M. (2017): Personal and Social Social Shame among People Receiving Food Aid in Finland. Research on Finnish Society 10, 73-85.

Vauhkonen T., Kallio J., Kauppinen T., Erola J. (2017): Intergenerational Accumulation of Social Disadvantage Across Generations in Young Adulthood. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility  48 (1), 42-52.

Lehti L., Kallio J. (2017): Discussing Social Policy Online: Arguments in Focus. Discourse, Context & Media 19, 58-65.

Blomberg H., Kallio J., Kangas O., Kroll C., Niemelä M. (2017): Social assistance deservingness and policy measures: Attitudes of Finnish politicians, administrators and citizens. In Wim van Oorchot et al. (Eds.) The Social Legitimacy of Targeted Welfare. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp 209-224.

Pöyliö H., Kallio J. (2017): Intergenerational Social Mobility in 15 European Countries: The Impact of Family and Education Policies. In Erola J. & Kilpi-Jakonen E. (Eds.) Social Inequality Across the Generations. The Role of Compensation and Multiplication in Recourse Accumulation. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 204-224.

Tanskanen A., Erola J., Kallio J. (2016): Parental Resources, Sibship Size and Educational Performance in 20 Countries: Evidence for the Compensation Model. Cross-Cultural Research 50 (5), 452-477. 

Kallio J., Kauppinen T., Erola J.(2016): Cumulative Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Secondary Education in Finland. European Sociological Review 32 (5), 649–661.

Kallio J., Meeuwisse A., Scaramuzzino R. (2016): For-profit Versus Non-profit? Attitudes towards Privatization Among Social Workers in Five Countries. Journal of Social Work  16 (2), 174-195.

Hakovirta M., Kallio J. (2016): Children's Perceptions of Poverty. Child Indicator Research 9, 317-334.