Research projects

​Current research projects

Closed research projects

  • Demographic Change and Housing Wealth (DEMHOW), 2008-2010

Co-operation in research projects

Other co-operation

  • Jani Erola (University of Turku) and  Paul Lambert (University of Stirling): "Social stratification scales and homogamy"
  • Jani Erola and Aleksi Karhula (University of Turku), Anette Fasang and Marcel Raum (Humboldt University/WZB): "How similar is family formation among siblings?"
  • International comparative book project, head Lynn Prince Cooke (University of Bath), partners Jani Erola, Juho Härkönen and Marika Jalovaara: “Gender Equality in Relationship Transitions”
  • Jani Erola and Pekka Räsänen (University of Turku), David Reimer (University of Aarhus), Kristoffer Kropp (University of Copenhagen): "Publication trends in the Nordic sociology"