Suvi Keskinen

PhD, Adjunct Professor, Senior Lecturer

Academy Research Fellow 1.9.2014-31.8.2019

Email: suvkes [at]

Research interests

My research interests include postcolonial feminism, critical race and whiteness studies, nationalism, political activism, and gendered violence. Currently I work as an Academy Research Fellow, conducting a research project on postethnic activism in the neoliberal and neonationalist era, funded by the Academy of Finland. I also lead the research project The Stopped - Spaces, Meanings and Practices of Ethnic Profiling, funded by the Kone foundation. The third research project in which I am currently involved focuses on generational negotiations, social control and gendered sexualities.

Previously I have examined the politics of gender, sexuality, nation and 'race' in debates on immigration and multiculturalism, with a special focus on right-wing populist rhetoric. My post doctoral research project analysed the construction of national belonging and unbelonging in Danish and Finnish public debates on gendered violence in migrant families.
I have also conducted research on the narratives of migrant women abused by their family members, and the discourses of multiculturalism and violence that welfare professionals and authorities (police, social workers, staff in shelters and projects) draw upon. My doctoral dissertation analysed the discourses, policies and practices of domestic violence in Finland.

Expertise areas

  • ethnic and racial studies
  • gender and sexuality studies
  • political activism
  • media, migration and politics
  • gendered violence
  • welfare state policies and practices

Research projects

Research networks

Selected publications in English

  • Keskinen, Suvi & Andreassen, Rikke (2017) Developing Theoretical Perspectives on Racialisation and Migration. Nordic Journal of Migration Research 7 (2), 64-69. (Special Issue)
  • Keskinen, Suvi (2017) Securitized Intimacies, Welfare State and the "Other" Family. Social Politics 24 (2), 154-177.
  • Peltola, Marja, Keskinen, Suvi, Honkasalo, Veronika & Honkatukia, Päivi (2017) Intergenerational Negotiations on (Hetero)sexuality and Romantic Relationships - Views of Young People and Parents in Multiethnic Contexts. Journal of Youth Studies 20 (5), 533-548.  
  • Keskinen, Suvi (2016) From Welfare Nationalism to Welfare Chauvinism. Economic Rhetoric, Welfare State and the Changing Policies of Asylum in Finland. Critical Social Policy 36(3), 352-370.
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  • Keskinen, Suvi (2014) Re-constructing the Peaceful Nation: Negotiating Meanings of Whiteness, Immigration and Islam after a Shopping Mall Shooting. Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture 20: 6, 471-485.
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