Johanna Nurmi

​Dr. Soc. Sci, postdoctoral researcher
e-mail: johnurm(a)
tel. +358-29 4503 081, +358-46 9201 925

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My current research explores vaccine refusal and hesitancy in Finland, looking at non-vaccination as a political lifestyle choice. I analyze the lifestyle and health attitudes of vaccination-refusing families and individuals, as well as their relationship with biomedical institutions and practitioners. This study is a part of the project Tracking the Therapeutic - Ethnographies of Wellbeing, Politics and Inequality (2015-1019), funded by the Academy of Finland.
My other research interests include violence (especially mass violence and it's consequences), trauma, recovery and memorialization, death studies, feminist research, and narrative and ethnographic research.

In my doctoral dissertation Let Go and Remember. How Finnish Communities Experienced and Memorialized School Shootings (2014) I analysed the experiences of mass violence in local communities, focusing on two cases of school shootings that happened in Finland, in 2007 and 2008. The study examined the forming of collective experiences of mass violence and the consequences of these crises for the local communities.

Publications in English

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