Courses in English
At the level of advanced studies, we aim to organize a few courses in English every year. For example, in Autumn 2015 we organized a course titled as “Multiculturalism and multilingualism” (5 ECTS) taught by Eva-Kristina Salameh (University of Lund, Sweden), a local lecturer and a local speech and language therapist. In spring 2016, we offered a course in conversation training in aphasia (Suzanne Beeke, University College London, UK; further information will be provided later). English courses are available through The Turku School of Behavioral Sciences (TSBS) and Turku Brain and Mind Center.
Studying abroad
For local students, University of Turku offers several opportunities to study abroad as an exchange student. In addition, our unit has an Erasmus agreement with the Department of Communication Therapy (Malta). Our unit is also actively engaged in the International Summer School Network. Each year, five of local students may apply for participating in the international summer school held in one of the universities within the network. The previous summer school (August, 2016) was held in Dublin (Ireland). During the week-long summer school, the students were offered teaching opportunities in different areas of speech and language pathology and also social activities.
Further information
We have potential for organizing more courses in English in case needed. If you are interested in studying speech and language pathology at the University of Turku as an Erasmus student, or if you are a local student interested in exchange programs or the International Summer School, please contact Senior Lecturer Kati Renvall for further information.