Efficacy of music in neurological rehabilitation

Seppo Soinila_PIC.jpg
Seppo Soinila, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology Division of Clinical Neurosciences, Turku University Central Hospital


The goal of the project is to investigate the effects of brain activation by music listening on stress reactions of acute stroke and on recovery of cognitive defects during stroke rehabilitation.


  • Teppo Särkämö, PhD, Assoc. professor
  • Mari Tervaniemi, PhD, Professor
  • Aleksi Sihvonen, M.C.
  • Vera Leo, M.Sc. (Psychology)


  • Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, professor, University of Barcelona
  • Pablo Ripolles, M.Sc. University of  Barcelona
  • Matti Laine, professor, Åbo Akademi
  • Hasse Karlsson, professor, Turku University
  • Pentti Kemppainen, professor, Turku University


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