Protein Kinase Regulation of Brain Development and Disease
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Eleanor Coffey, PhD

Neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease) are characterised by the irreversible loss of nerve cell function. Protein kinases such as JNK and LRRK2 are major players in neurodegenerative disorders, however their mechanism of action is largely unknown. Even though our understanding of the physiological functions of these molecules is in its infancy. drug targeting strategies are already underway. Our lab uses a proteomics screen developed in the lab to identify protein kinase substrates. The identification of novel targets combined with biochemical, genetic and imaging approaches has revealed unexpected functions for kinases in neocortical development and provided mechanistic insight in neuronal disease.

  • ​Veronica Fagerholm, PhD
  • Sylvia Ortega-Martinez, PhD
  • Prasanna Deshpande, MSc
  • Hasan Mohammad, MSc
  • Francesca Marchisella, MSc
  • Artemis Varidaki, MSc
  • Lassi Lauren, MSc
  • Partrik Hollos, MSc
  • Ye Hong, MSc
  • Siv Holmgren, coordinator​


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Number of publications: 49
Funding 2013-2014: 800.000€


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