Mechanisms, central modulation, and diagnosis of neuropathic pain
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Satu K. Jääskeläinen
, Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology, Medical faculty, Turku University and Department of clinical neurophysiology, Turku University Hospital

Neuropathic pain is difficult to recognize and diagnose, and current treatments are effective in only 50% of the patients. It is global health problem affecting 6-8 % of the population and causing increased health care expenses (x3). Neuropathic pain is often iatrogenic. We aim to develop neurophysiologic, psychophysical, and neuropathologic methods to enhance diagnosis of neuropathy and neuropathic pain, and to prevent intraoperative nerve damage. Using surgical human “pain models”, neurophysiologic techniques, brain imaging (PET, MRI/DTI), genetics, and navigated repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), we investigate risk factors of neuropathic pain, brain level pain processing, and CNS structures and neurotransmitters involved in pain modulation by rTMS, aiming to develop new, non-invasive treatments for neuropathic pain.

Senior researchers:
  • Heli Forssell, DDS, PhD
  • Salla Lamusuo, MD, PhD
  • Satu Laaksonen, MD, PhD
  • Tero Taiminen, MD, PhD
  • Tuija Teerijoki-Oksa, DDS, PhD
  • Nora Hagelberg, MD, PhD
  • Leena Puksa, MD, PhD
  • Arja Virtanen, MSc, PhD
  • Ullamari Pesonen, MSc, PhD
  • Jani Saunavaara, MSc, PhD
  • Anu Holm, MSc, PhD
  • Esa Rauhala, MD, PhD
  • Reijo Johansson, MD, PhD
  • Jaakko Salonen, MD, PhD
  • Noora Sjösten, MSc
PhD students:
  • Antti Puhakka, MD
  • Pauliina Lindholm, MD
  • Helena Puonti, MD
  • Hanna Sahlsten, MD
  • Marina Kolkka-Palomaa, DDS
  • Tommi Hälli, MSc
Medical students:
  • Juuso Virtanen
  • Johan Isohanni
  • Jussi Heikkilä
  • Jaana Saranto
  • Antti Pertovaara, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Jarmo Hietala, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Turku
  • Olli Tenovuo, MD, PhD, Docent, University of Turku
  • Eija Kalso, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Taina Partanen, MD, PhD,Docent, University of Helsinki
  • Peter Svensson, DDS, PhD, Professor, University of Aarhus
  • Lene Baad-Hansen, DDS, PhD, University of Aarhus
  • Mark Drangsholt, DDS, PhD, Professor, University of Washington
  • Tuomas Neuvonen, DI, Sooma OY
  • Tiina Vilkuna-Rautiainen, GEP Country Medical Lead, Pfizer Oy
  • Carina Stenfors, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, Orion Corporation
  1. Jääskeläinen SK, Teerijoki-Oksa T, Forssell H: Neurophysiologic and quantitative sensory testing in the diagnosis of trigeminal neuropathy and neuropathic pain, Pain 2005;117:349-357
  2. Forssell H, Tenovuo O, Silvoniemi P, Jääskeläinen SK. Differences and similarities between atypical facial pain and neuropathic trigeminal pain. Neurology 2007;69:1451-1459
  3. Laaksonen SM, Röyttä M, Jääskeläinen SK, Kantola I, Penttinen M, Falck B: Neuropathic symptoms and findings in women with Fabry disease, Clin Neurophysiol 2008;119(6):1365-72
  4. Valmunen T, Pertovaara A, Virtanen A, Parkkola R, Jääskeläinen SK. Modulation of facial sensitivity by navigated rTMS in healthy subjects, Pain 2009;142:149-158
  5. Puonti HK, Jääskeläinen SK, Hallikainen HK, Partanen TA. A new approach to microneurovascular TRAM-flap breast reconstruction – pilot study, J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2010 (in press)

Number of publications in 2005-2010: 21 (total) / 5 (IF>5)

Number of PhD degrees completed in 2005-2010: 1
External funding of the research group in 2005-2009: total amount 290 000 €, 2009: 45 000 €



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