Sexuality research group
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Patrick Jern, PhD, Associate Professor, Academy Research Fellow (Academy of Finland). Department of Psychology and Logopedics, Abo Akademi University; Department of Behavioural Sciences and Philosophy, University of Turku; Turku PET Center
The overall aim of this recently formed research group, consisting of researchers with backgrounds in psychology, medicine, pharmacology, and cognitive neuroscience, is to elucidate etiological aspects of human sexual behavior and function. To this end, we employ various innovative research methods, including twin studies, molecular genetics, endocrinology, and functional brain imaging, to understand both biological and sociocultural aspects of sexuality. In addition to studying etiological aspects of sexuality and sexual disorders, the project aims at developing and improving treatment interventions for male and female sexual dysfunctions.

  • Juha Rinne, MD, PhD, Professor, senior research associate
  • Pekka Santtila, PhD, Professor, senior research associate
  • Matti Laine, PhD, Professor, senior research associate
  • Katarina Alanko, PhD, senior researcher
  • Antti Kärnä, PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Annika Gunst, M.A., licensed psychologist, PhD student
  • Lars Westberg, PhD, Associate Professor, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, SWE
  • Elias Eriksson, PhD, Professor, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, SWE
  • Stefan Arver, MD, PhD, Professor, Karolinska Institute, SWE
  • Gert Holstege, PhD, Professor, University of Groningen, NED
  • Brendan Zietsch, PhD, University of Queensland, AUS
  • Andrea Burri, PhD, University of Zürich, SUI
  1. Zietsch, B.P., Westberg, L., Santtila, P., & Jern, P. (accepted). Genetic analysis of human extrapair mating: Heritability, between-sex correlation, and receptor genes for vasopressin and oxytocin. Evolution and Human Behavior.
  2. Gunst, A., Jern, P., Westberg, L., Johansson, A., Salo, B., Burri, A., Spector, T., Eriksson, E., Sandnabba, N.K., & Santtila, P. (accepted). A study of possible associations between nucleotide polymorphisms in the estrogen receptor 2 gene and female sexual desire. Journal of Sexual Medicine
  3. Jern, P. (2014). Evaluation of a behavioral treatment intervention for premature ejaculation using a hand-held stimulating device. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 40, 358-366.
  4. Jern, P., Piha, J., & Santtila, P. (2013). Validation of three early ejaculation diagnostic tools: A composite measure is accurate and more adequate for diagnosis by updated diagnostic criteria. PLoS ONE, 8, E77676
  5. Jern, P., Santtila, P., Johansson, A., Varjonen, M., Witting, K., von der Pahlen, B., & Sandnabba, K. (2009). Evidence for a genetic etiology to ejaculatory dysfunction. International Journal of Impotence Research, 21, 62-67.
Total number of publications: Around 70 international peer-review publications since 2007
Ongoing external funding: >€640,000 (Academy of Finland, 2014-2019)