Consciousness Research Group

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Antti Revonsuo, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Skövde, Sweden, Professor of Psychology, University of Turku
Mika Koivisto, PhD


The Consciousness Research Group approaches the problem of consciousness from a multidisciplinary perspective, combining cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy. Our starting point is to take consciousness as a natural biological phenomenon in the brain, and our main aim is to carry out both empirical and theoretical explorations into the nature of consciousness. The main lines of research focus on perceptual awareness, altered states of consciousness (dreaming, hypnosis), and the theory and philosophy of consciousness.

  • Sakari Kallio, PhD
  • Katja Valli, PhD
  • Valtteri Arstila, PhD
  • Valdas Noreika, MSc
  • Niina Salminen-Vaparanta, MSc
  • Pilleriin Sikka, MSc
  • Henry Railo, PhD
  • Levente Móró, MSc
  • Heidi Sederholm, MSc
  • Nils Sandman, MSc

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