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Synergy beyond borders: Research and working life come together

Current and future challenges and issues related to working life are of concern to many different scientific disciplines. To gain new knowledge, we need collaboration between various research fields. The Turku Centre for Labour Studies aims to meet this need and to produce diverse research knowledge to benefit specialists in working life.
The Turku Centre for Labour Studies is a forum for multidisciplinary research, education, development and cooperation related to work and working life.
The Turku Centre for Labour Studies was established at the University of Turku in 2011. The Centre is led by Professor Anne Kovalainen in cooperation with the Executive Committee of the Centre. The Executive Committee members represent all the faculties of the University of Turku. In addition to the University’s faculties and School of Economics, the Centre involves Åbo Akademi, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, and a network of approximately 130 Finnish experts.

The Centre also networks internationally and organises an international interdisciplinary conference, WORK, every other year. The next conference, WORK2017, will be held in August 2017 (WORK2017). The Turku Centre for Labour Studies bases its operation on networks and is currently located at the Turku School of Economics.
What do labour studies and multidisciplinarity mean for the operations of the Centre?
Labour studies bring together the broad research field and different specialist areas of work and working life. The field of labour studies covers a wide range of society-, community- and individual-level issues related to working life. All these studies share a common interest: work and working life. Questions related to work and working life are examined from the perspectives of different disciplines, with the help of different data and methods, and with the support of various collaborators and experts. The Centre aims to create networks between researchers and other actors locally, nationally and internationally.
Multidisciplinarity, understood broadly, covers the perspectives and methods of different disciplines as well as interdisciplinarity and cross-disciplinarity.
What do we do?
  • We coordinate and carry out multidisciplinary working life research.
  • We organise multidisciplinary studies of working life for master’s and doctoral students from various faculties.
  • We promote collaboration and networking between labour studies experts through for example current-issue seminars and international conferences.
What are our goals?
  • to reinforce research collaboration
  • to increase knowledge and learning
  • to meet the needs of working life
  • to promote the shared use of research data and results
  • to implement broad multidisciplinary research projects
  • to enable joint research funding applications
  • to expand the influence of research results
  • to disseminate research knowledge
  • to implement research-based solutions





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