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Anne Kovalainen, Professor

Head and Chair of the Turku Centre for Labour Studies
Professor Anne Kovalainen has been Head of the Centre and Chair of the Executive Committee since 2013.

Centre staff

Eija Vuorio

Eija Vuorio coordinates multidisciplinary studies, research, seminars and conferences.

Working Life and Personnel Issues programme (Tyhe) offered by the Centre.

 Project researchers
The research projects include project researchers who receive individual funding.

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Turku Centre for Labour Studies

University of Turku

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tel: +358 29 450 5000
fax: + 358 29 450 5040

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The multidisciplinary Executive Committee of the Centre 2015–2017

Faculty of Education:
Board member: Professor Arto Jauhiainen, Department of Education
Board member: Senior research fellow Tuire Palonen, Department of Teacher Education
Vice member: Senior lecturer Annukka Jauhiainen, Department of Education

Faculty of Law:
Board member: Professor Seppo Koskinen, Labour Law
Board member: Professor Anne Alvesalo-Kuusi
Vice member: Professor Kevät Nousiainen, Comparative Law and Legal Theory

Faculty of Humanities:
Board member: Dean, Professor Eija Suomela-Salmi, School of Languages and Translation Studies
Board member: Researcher Veli Pekka Toropaine, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies
Vice member: Postdoctoral research fellow Teemu Taira; School of History, Culture and Arts Studies

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:
Board member: Professor Jouni Isoaho, Information Technology
Board member: University research fellow Annika Saarto, Aerobiology Unit
Vice member: Professor Mervi Eerola, head of the Center of Statistics

Faculty of Medicine:
Board member: Professor Tuula Putus
Board member: Professor Jyrki Liesivuori, Vice Chair
Vice member: Professor Jussi Vahtera
Faculty of Social Sciences:
Board member: University lecturer Milla Salin, Department of Social Research, Social Policy and Social Work
Board member: Senior lecturer Minna Ylikännö, Department of Social Research, Social Policy and Social Work
Vice member: University lecturer Päivi Naumanen, Department of Social Research, Sociology

Turku School of Economics:
Board member: Professor Anne Kovalainen, Chair
Board member: Professor Jarna Heinonen
Vice member: Professor Markku Wilenius, Finland Futures Research Centre

Åbo Akademi:
Board member: Dean, Professor Malin Brännback
Vice member: Professor Gunilla Widén
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health:
Board member: Professor Paula Salo
Vice member: Regional director Anne Linna, Turku Regional Office

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