Esko Kilpi

Work as interaction between interdependent people?
The third way to work?

Esko Kilpi

Sitra, Finland



The patterns of work and the roles of workers are becoming very different from what we are used to: in the network economy, individuals, interacting voluntarily with each other by utilising the new platforms/apps and relatively cheap mobile devices they own themselves, can create value. The central aggregator of value will no longer be a value chain, but a network space, where the new actors are fully market-facing and the customer experience is defined by apps. Our thinking is shifting towards understanding the new kernel of work: participative, self-organising and contextual responsiveness. The labor services of these workers thus cannot be modelled as undifferentiated generic market inputs, for which wages and quantity, the number of people, and the number of hours of work are determined. With context-specific human capital, the creativity and productivity of a particular individual depends on being part of a particular group of people engaged in particular assignments. Knowledge work is relation-specific and contextual. We open up this new agenda connecting people, their personal narrative and business opportunities based on new technologies and the Internet.



Esko Kilpi is a senior adviser at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. His research interests have been about social complexity, the Internet as a commons for value creation and technological intelligence enabling a human centric, relational approach to work.


In addition to his work as a researcher and author Esko Kilpi lectures internationally on the topics of network-based view of the firm, Internet based business models and work design based on latest interaction technologies. Esko Kilpi is frequently invited as a keynote speaker in management and technology conferences globally. As an international speaker, author and adviser he works with both public sector organisations and leading multinational companies. He has been a member of the advisory board of the World Bank on Knowledge Management. Currently he serves as an advisory board member for a select group of high tech start-ups.

Esko Kilpi is a founding member of the Entovation Group. Esko is a Taos Institute Associate, Intentac fellow and a faculty member at the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation in New Delhi. In twitter @EskoKilpi 



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