Professor John Zysman

Work in the Digital Era: Choosing a Future

John Zysman

University of California, Berkeley, USA



John Zysman's recent work focuses on how the advanced countries adjust to radical changes in the global economy. Publications on this theme include: The Third Globalization: Can Rich Countries Stay Wealthy in a Changing Global Economy? (Ed. with Dan Breznitz). Can Green Sustain Growth? From The Religion to the Reality of Sustainable Prosperity (ed. Zysman and Mark Huberty) addresses the strategies for developing Green policy. Zysman's book, Manufacturing Matters: The Myth of the Post-industrial Economy, addressed twenty-five years ago many of the same questions we are discussing today. Recent updates to that work are: Escape from the Commodity Trap: Will the Production Transformation sustain Productivity, Growth and Jobs? (Written for the European Commission debate on strategies to adapt to a changing global economy - as well as 21st Century Manufacturing and Services with Everything: How the ICT Transformation os Services has changed global competition; and an array of work on issues such as Cloud Computing.

John has played a role in developing the trade, innovation and service strategies for central challenges in today's global economy and is an advisor to policymakers, government leaders and corporate executives. He is a co-founder of the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE). John received his bachelor's degree at Harvard University and his doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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