Professor Pertti Koistinen

Towards Understanding of Restructuring and Displaced Workers’ Employment

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Pertti Koistinen
University of Tampere  


Finland is a country of several external shocks and restructurings over the recent history and it has the well-known credits of institutions buffering the collective economic risks.  Finland is also a country with a strong research tradition on restructuration and mass dismissals. Notwithstanding these credits, the examples of the last few years overall in Europe have raised sceptical questions of the sustainability of this policy. How long and how far welfare states - nation states and municipalities – can sustain the economic risks which have become global? Are the old forms of social protection and employment protection efficient and sustainable in the long run? What kinds of reforms are needed in order to legitimate the welfare state and recent policies?
The presentation exploits the results of longitudinal and population wide follow-up studies of employment trajectories of those who lost their jobs in the context of plant closures and downsizings or who manage to retain employment despite the risk of displacement. The findings of the research bring interesting, and to some extent surprising viewpoints  on the selectivity of displacements, the integrative capacity of the labour market and significance of institutions in buffering the employment risks.


Pertti Koistinen is professor of Labour and Social policies at the University of Tampere, Finland. He has a long recognized experience in studying the structure and functioning of labour markets in the context of major turns of the economic development, collective dismissals, regional and cross-border labour mobility. Another area of interest consists of the interplay of employment and social security system. The recent research activities deal with the longitudinal studies of employment trajectories. All of these research activities have been integrated with the efforts to develop doctoral training (LabourNet) and educating a new generation of researchers having skill in empirical and comparative research.  




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