Plenarists and pleanry presentations
​Photo: Plenarist professor Stephen R. Barley

​We are honored to present our plenary speakers of WORK2015:


Professor Stephen R. Barley (Stanford University, USA)


Professor Linda McDowell (University of Oxford, UK)


Professor, Vice-Principal Rosemary Deem (University of London, UK)


Professor Lisa Adkins (Newcastle University, Australia; Universities of Turku and Tampere, Finland)

“Assembling Unemployment”

Professor Pertti Koistinen (University of Tampere, Finland)


Semiplenary 1:

Excavating meaning at work: Ethnographies of the modern workplace

The session will be devoted to workplace ethography as a method for excavating the new meanings of work.


Professor Steven Vallas (Northeastern University, USA)

"Personal Branding as Myth and Ritual: Career Advice Texts and the Meaning of Work in an Age of Precarity "


Associate Professor Paul Leonardi (Northeastern University, USA)

"Social Transparency and the Changing Nature of Work"


Assistant Professor Ashley Mears (Boston University, USA)

“Relational Ethnography and the Production of Value"


Semiplenary 2: 

Professor John Zysman (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

"Work in the Digital Era: Choosing a Future"


Senior Adviser Esko Kilpi (Sitra, Finland)

"Work as interaction between interdependent people?
The third way to work?"


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