Welcome to Turku International School!

New pre-IB students

The following students have got a placement in the pre-IB programme of Turku International School:

Azamova, Madina
Brasier, Teemu
Braun, Lydia
El Dajem, Reel
Fernandes, Kingsley
Komulainen, Amanda
Lankinen, Elmeri
Lautamatti, Elmeri
Liepa, Luize
Liimatainen, Jenni
Lingzi, Liu
Mattila, Miikka
Miettinen, Senja
Mioch, Alex
Munkacsi, Mate
Niinistö, Hulda
Nilsen, Robin
Pham, Joey
Pirinen, Elsie
Primmer, Milli
Ravenna, Sara
Salokivi, Leevi
Slaton, Ruby Joy
Wasberg, Isabel

Please, be in contact with our  guidance counselor Mr Jukka Valtanen either on Monday 19 or Tuesday 20 of June, between 10-14 o’clock. Mr Valtanen will let you know which books you need to buy for the next school year and you should  also do your timetable for the next school year together with him.

If you are not here in Turku  on those days, please be in contact with Mr Valkila  and confirm that you will accept your placement in the pre-IB programme. Then, on 8th or 9th of August you should make an appointment with Mr Valtanen. His email is jukka.valtanen[at]

Congratulations to all new pre-IB students!

Vesa Valkila

Entrance exam for the new first graders

Entrance exam for the new first graders will take place on Tuesday, 8th August 2017. An invitation to the exam will be sent to the applicants closer to the date.

About Turku International School:

Turku International School belongs to a network of international and IB-schools. It was founded by the City of Turku in 2003. According to the Treaty signed between the City of Turku and the University of Turku, Turun Normaalikoulu (Teacher Training School of Turku), will take care of the teaching in the International School. The official language of the school is English. The school functions as an independent unit and is maintained by the City of Turku. It is located in Varissuo which is about 6 km from the city centre. The first 6 grades are situated in the TIS building next to Normaalikoulu, while the other classes and management are in the Normaalikoulu building.

Turku International School offers primary (grades 1-6), secondary (grades 7-9) and upper secondary education. The first two of these conform to the Finnish National Core Curriculum. The upper secondary education is based on the IB Diploma Programme.

Turku International School is founded to meet the educational needs of increasing international activities in and around Turku. The school is intended for foreign-born children living temporarily or permanently in Turku Region and for Finnish children returning to Finland after years abroad, as well as for Finnish children competent enough to receive education in English.

It is the goal of this school to educate the professionals of tomorrow and also builds the international infrastructure of the city.


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