Emphasis of the school
  • all-round education and national culture are important to us
  • we value the multiculturalism of our school
  • every person is valuable as a individual
  • we are responsible for our selves, each others and our environment
  • it is important that we treat others in the way we want them to treat us

With upbringing we mean escorting into growth. In co-operation with the homes we want to support the individual growth, development and learning of every child and youngster. We believe that every child can grow to be a harmonious whole, stable and independent human being who is able to appreciate one's self and other people. During this growth, knowledge of one's own cultural identity and good interaction skills are important. We believe that becoming ethically responsible is an important part of extensive civilization.

The foundation of our school's spirit

1. Responsibility and freedom

We raise and educate our students to take responsibility of one's self, own actions, and studying. We also teach our students to treat others and to take care of the environment in a responsible way.

2. Caring

A caring atmosphere is developed in a place where a person is holistically valued as a unique individual. A person is listened to, helped and supported when needed. Problems are encountered and they are tried to be solved in the best possible way.

3. Respecting one's self and others

We are all different. We are all valuable. Everyone has a right to be treated well. We are honest to each other and to our selves. We do not harm anyone. We appreciate the work of others and our selves.

4. Openness

With openness we mean that we encounter and respect one and other in a open way and without prejudice. We also try to openly face new situations and learn new things.

5. Achieving goals together

A person develops in co-operation and in interaction with others. We invest into learning to work in different kinds of groups and with different aged people in our school. We also emphasize the importance of the meaning of co-operation and interaction in studies.