Pupil Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for Turku International School (classes 1-9)

Turku International School is intended for foreign-born children living temporarily or permanently in Turku Region and for Finnish children returning to Finland after years abroad and who are competent enough to receive education in English. Their competence is measured in tests held during the spring term of the year of admission (the first grade admission test). Tests include both oral and written parts. For children arriving in Finland later, the tests can also be arranged any time during the school year. Children who are applying for the grades 2-9 will be tested using actual teaching materials in English appropriate to the level of the class in question at the time of arrival.

All children must take the test, except monolingual children whose mother-tongue is English. In the event of there being more applicants than the limited number of places available, the places will be awarded to the linguistically most competent children according to the test results.

Foreign-born children arriving in Finland and having no knowledge of the Finnish language may be admitted to the International School, at the discretion of the school. Applications to the International School will be handled individually, with the process including a family interview and a language test for the child. Critical questions, among others, are the child's abilities in English, the child's educational history, and the family's long-term plans.

Finnish children having a specific learning difficulty may not be placed in the International School, if it is felt that the additional pressure of learning through English is not in the best interest of the child. 


According to the new preschool education law, participation to pre-primary education is compulsory. Generally preschool education begins in the year a child becomes six years of age and takes place in a child care centre, commonly referred to as a kindergarten. If the child has been in preschool education or similar abroad, the applicant needs to present a copy of the report card from the previous school or preschool.

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