After School Club
The clubs are run by Jon Brazier. If you have any questions, please contact Jon +358(0)40 1477428 or e-mail jonbrazier79(at)


The role of the After School Club is to support and balance out the children's school day. There are set times for both quiet and physical activities (both outside and inside) and children are positively encouraged to join in both. We also try to encourage the children to interact with each other socially in a way that they feel comfortable.

Our activities are versatile. They vary from doing homework, quiet play together,  


or board games,

to football, soccer or other games in the gym...

Fresh air is also important, so weather permitting we go outside.


We offer a healthy snack every day (around 14:15) which is included in the fee. 


August 45e
End of school - 15.00  92e
End of school - 17.00  110e

You can apply for a place in advance for the After School Club by filling out this form.

1st and 2nd graders are guaranteed a place, so all children from those grades will also have an opportunity to fill in the forms (also available in English) during the first week of school.

If you are interested in Morning Club activities, the Finnish club located in the same building will organise one only if they receive enough applications. Please apply here by the end of March.

See you soon...