The pre-diploma year is a preparatory year for the two-year IB course. In Finland the syllabus for the pre-diploma year is in most cases based on the syllabus of the 1st year of the national senior secondary school (lukio). The language of instruction is mostly English. Due to their different study background the programme of the students belonging in the Turku International School may vary to some extend from that of regular IB line students. Some modifications have been made and some changes take place annually.

The highlight of the pre-diploma year is a class trip to London which is voluntary and financed by the students themselves. The trip usually takes place at the beginning of the 5th period in April.

The purpose of the pre-diploma year is four-fold

  1. to allow the students learn English, the language of instruction, properly
  2. to improve the students' study skills and establish the versatile teaching methods in the IB
  3. to give the students a sandwich year when they can consider their future and make decisions about the subjects that truly interest them
  4. to offer the students some courses that expand their general knowledge in fields of knowledge which they are not going to study in the IB

The following subjects are taught in the pre-diploma year

Some of these courses are optional:

  • Finnish (3), English (4), French (3), German (3)
  • Beginners French (3), Beginners German (3)
  • Mathematics, general course (3+2), advanced (5)
  • Biology (1)
  • Physics (1-3)
  • Chemistry (1)
  • History (2)
  • Psychology (1)
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) (3)
  • Art or Music (1)
  • Physical exercise (2)
(The average number of lessons per week is indicated in brackets. )