Diploma Programme model
The general curriculum is modelled by a hexagon with six academic areas surrounding the three core requirements.(

During the 2nd and 3rd year of the IB diploma program in our school, students will we:

  • studying six subjects chosen from five subject groups
  • complete an extended essay of 4000 words
  • follow a Theory of knowledge course (TOK)
  • participate in 150 hours of CAS (creativity, action and service).

The subjects TIS offers for its IB diploma students

Group 1: Language A1 - First Language

  • English A1 
  • Finnish A1

Group 2: Second Language

  • English B                            
  • Finnish B                            
  • German B or ab initio                            
  • French B or ab initio

Group 3: Individuals and societies

  • Economics                            
  • History                            
  • Psychology

Group 4: Experimental sciences

  • Biology                           
  • Physics                           
  • Chemistry

Group 5: Mathematics and computer science

  • Mathematical Studies                          
  • Mathematics Standard level                           
  • Mathematics Higher level

Group 6 is unfortunately unavailable in our school. However, the students are able to take a Music or Arts course during the Pre-IB year.

If you wish to get to know each subject in a bit more detail, you may do so from the official IBO webpage at