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Turun normaalikoulu consists of comprehensive school grades 1–9 and general upper secondary school. In comprehensive school, we offer specialized programs for art, bilingual teaching (English) and science. Our upper secondary school offers two programs, the AB program (in Finnish) and the IB program (in English). Turun normaalikoulu also takes care of the teaching of Turku International School. We have over 900 students, approximately 250 student teachers and 130 staff members. 

Turun normaalikoulu is a multicultural and international center of learning that, together with its stakeholders, provides high-quality education. The key values of our community are wide general knowledge and ability as well as the promotion of knowledge, skills and resources that support learning, positive development of self-esteem and the journey to becoming a responsible adult.

In cooperation with the University of Turku, Turun normaalikoulu takes part in national and local research and development projects. We are part of eNorssi , the national teacher training network. 

Turun normaalikoulu is also an active participant in the developing of the Varissuo area.


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20610 Turku
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