Career at Turku School of Economics

Regarding research, the aim is at respected international publication forums. Regarding teaching, we want to offer the students demanding and pedagogically versatile international learning experiences. In administrative tasks we aim at efficient and customer oriented processes.

Why to join us?

Our values are tied to communality. This means close interaction among personnel and students to create an atmosphere of a familiar, agile and open community, an that facilitates international relations. We believe that such an atmosphere enables and motivates people to produce international, high quality research and learning experiences.

Our management culture aims at a balance between short and long term objectives, comprehensive evaluation and rewarding of personnel, and balanced evaluation of the needs and desires of our internal and external stakeholders. The core value is personnel and student well-being. We believe this will deliver the best possible outcomes in the future.

Want to work with us?

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Instructions for applicants

Instructions for trial lecture and applying for the title of docent