Readymade Service Concepts

The ICT Gate

R&D services related to the development of corporate business activities, services, work processes and technology. The utilisation of technology and the development of business activities is a multidimensional project. We offer company-specific solutions that help kickstart your transformation process. In addition to technology, our other key themes include expertise, management and gradually implemented change processes. Our motto: Everyone learns, everyone benefits.

Multidisciplinary student-corporate collaboration featuring the higher education institutions in Turku. The Korkeakoulukumppani service provides an easy way of approaching the five higher education institutions in Turku. The service provides many different opportunities for student collaboration, and the service can help discuss, suggest and discover the most suitable services for any company. The Korkeakoulukumppani service is suited for any development project stage as-is or as a supplementary service alongside other higher education services.

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Work Informatics

Comprehensive work and information system development by our experts. We know how your business is doing, what your pressure points are, and how you could improve. Our main goals are to ensure a smooth work process and increase the impact of your business. First, we help shine a light on your company’s key players, activities, expertise and information work. Then we focus on the business itself and its meaning, and finally we produce our development suggestions for your work and business.

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Futures Focus training and development services

Foresight services and processes as well as the analysis of future-related information and future-oriented expert lectures provided by the Finland Futures Research Centre. The Centre’s services are suited for organisations, projects and networks in e.g. their strategy, vision and scenario work.

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The Certified Foresight Professional (CFP) training programme

A programme that trains its participants for the Certified Foresight Professional certificate. The programme provides participants with new skills that will help them meet the challenges presented by the changes in working life and operating environments, as well as the with opportunity to create a dynamic foresight system for their own organisations. The programme is suited for people working in strategy, product development, design, consulting and other similar forerunner and development tasks as well as for managers, supervisors and decision-makers.

Bastu™ – Sixth-Wave Business Acceleration for Entrepreneurs and Businesses 

An open partnership network that is coordinated by the Finland Futures Research Centre. Bastu focuses on the circular economy and the development of resource-efficient corporate ecosystems. Bastu includes entrepreneurs, key actors from public organisations, civil society experts as well as funders from the Turku region and Southwest Finland. The network gets together around once a month to discuss and generate new solutions and forms of collaboration for various different themes.

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The Business Innovation Camp

The Business Innovation Camp is an efficient and innovative method for e.g. testing new business ideas, developing ideas into real services, or creating completely new solutions that help tackle a company’s business challenges. In the Business Innovation Camp, final-year students from the School and corporate representatives are brought together for an intensive problem-solving process that is facilitated by the School's staff. We arrange 4–5 camps annually for various companies representing different fields.

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From an idea or need to a research project

The School’s CCR unit is an expert in research projectisation, and it can help any company or public organisation develop its research projects, apply for funding, find the right partners, manage its resources and implement its projects. Our wide-ranging network includes all of the School's research resources as well as companies and funders. We can also gather larger research consortiums that include both companies and universities around different themes and ideas. The quality of our preparation process and expertise can be seen in our success in securing external funding year after year.

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