Research Collaboration

​The objective of the School’s research groups is to generate the greatest impact possible and create real solutions using the research findings. To achieve this goal in their research activities, the School’s research groups actively collaborate with various actors from business life.

Several different operating models can be used for practical collaboration. For example, a company or public sector organisation can serve as a research subject. In this type of scenario, no money is exchanged between the parties, but the organisation should be prepared to dedicate the required human resources to the research work.

Typically, the work that is done in research projects includes creating the practical project framework around the research as well as applying for supplementary funding from external financers. At the same time, the work also often requires partial funding from the company or organisation. For projects that have already been funded, the partner organisations act as both research subjects and as beneficiaries of the research results. Participation in a research project provides our partner organisations with the opportunity to be among the first who will have access to the research findings.

If you need help with any business-related problems, don’t hesitate to contact us: the Centre for Collaborative Research, Antti Saurama,, +358 40 592 4921


  • Around 70 companies are part of the School’s research projects
  • The School’s partners range from large, international public companies to small SMEs and startups
  • The School has conducted systematic research collaboration with multiple companies for many years now
  • Our research collaboration areas include digital business solutions, industrial value creation, procurement management, business and technological disruptions, mergers and acquisitions, selling and purchasing value, corporate responsibility, management control mechanisms, and gamified solutions