Turku School of Economics Support Foundation

The Foundation offers grants at the proposal of the School’s scholarship committee. It promotes doctoral thesis research as well as dissertations for basic degrees by granting financial assistance for the same. The Support Foundation also assists the educational activities of the TSE staff as well as functions which promote their well-being at work.

Promotion of internationality

A task of the Support Foundation is to assist functions that promote internationality. It grants subsidies for, e.g.,
  • scientific journeys by researchers and teachers to international conferences
  • arranging international conferences at Turku School of Economics
  • visits by teachers and researchers to other universities and institutes of higher education
  • visits by foreign researchers and teachers to Turku School of Economics
  • the promotion of permanent exchange relations with foreign universities

TSE Support Foundation draws its roots from the Turku School of Economics Foundation, which was founded in 1950. The Foundation was established to maintain the School, which was private at the time. In 1977, with Turku School of Economics being transferred to State ownership, the Foundation was transformed into the Support Foundation.

TSE Support Foundation Board

Consul Mikko Ketonen is the chair of the Board of the TSE Support Foundation. Raimo Immonen, Ph.D in Law, serves as the authorized representative of the Foundation.

The Board:

Ketonen Mikko, Chair

Aakula Olli

Aarnio-Wihuri, Antti

Koivurinta, Matti

Lehtosalo Marko

Lähteenmäki, Jari (member selected by the Chamber of Commerce)

Lindholm Lasse (member selected by Turku Businessmen’s Association)

Löyttyniemi Matti

Rantanen Elina (member selected by the City of Turku)

Reunanen Hannamaija

Rihko, Matti

Saario Olli-Pekka

Setänen, Olli

Vaiste Heikki

Granlund Markus (member selected by the TSE)

Immonen, Raimo – authorized representative, secretary

Kajander, Heljä –  treasurer