Courses for doctoral candidates in other faculties

Doctoral candidates in other faculties at University of Turku may participate in the following courses (also listed in UTUGS courses):

Entrepreneurship for Research Professionals (3 cr), in fall 2016, see more information fromthe UTUGS webpage

YLJ6 Scientific reading and research communication (4 cr), intensive seminar in May/June 2017
YLJ9 Financial and time series Econometrics (6 cr), Fall 2016, II periodi (weeks 43-48)
In Finnish: Esimies- ja alaistaidot (3 op), syksy 2016, katso lisätietoja UTUGS-kurssitarjonnasta

Basic and intermediate level courses offered for students at other faculties in University of Turku

See information on the courses and applying from the Intranet of TSE (requires utu-user ID and password). Also some advanced level courses may be offered.
Note! The student must always confirm the suitability of courses to the doctoral degree from his/her own faculty.