Living in Finland

The total area of the country is approximately 340 000 square kilometers out of which 10% is lakes. The country is in general safe, clean and hospitable. The educational system is widely known and appreciated and we are proud to offer high quality teaching all the way from primary school to post-graduate studies. More information from the This is Finland -website.


Turku is the oldest city in Finland and boats an academic history beginning with the Academy of Turku established in 1640. The city has around 177 000 inhabitants out of which more than 30 000 are studying in the three institutes of higher education situated in the city.

The city of Turku offers services for all its inhabitants including researchers and their families. The city offers options for daycare, schools and free-time activities in several languages including Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

Life on campus

The current University of Turku was founded in 1920 and has 7 faculties. The students graduate with a Bachelor's, Master's or a PhD. All students will benefit from the diverse academic environment, excellent support services and dedicated staff of the university.

University of Turku welcomes researchers from abroad. International Welcome Services is available for visiting post-docs, researchers and teachers as well as for doctoral candidates. Accompanying families are also covered by this service.