Doctoral programme of TSE

What our doctoral programme offers you

Academic researcher training: Acknowledged European training with various career opportunities. Our graduates have been employed in universities in Finland and globally, in business life and in public sector organizations, and also as entrepreneurs. In this programme you will have a change to make a lasting contribution to the fresh research approaches Nordic countries are known for.

Top class research infrastructure: Our library resources and facilities are greatly appreciated by students and the faculty. We also provide a modern online environment for learning and research with up-to-date research tools.

Devoted and approachable faculty: Benefit from the open and flexible professional culture, that offers you a professionally challenging but friendly relationship with supervisors. We welcome you to join and enjoy the family-like atmosphere of TSE.

Excellent networking opportunities:  You are automatically part of the professional networks of whole Finland in your research field and the extensive international connections they maintain. You can study in an interactive and friendly learning environment, with people from various cultures and backgrounds. You can also enjoy of open access to business companies, public organizations and third sector.

Exploration to unique Finnish environment: Here you would work and learn in one of the most competitive economies of the world. If attracted by calm and organized people with sometimes weird ideas, TSE is a right place for you. Benefit from a living campus at the University with lots of learning opportunities just on your door step.