Research and study options

Our focus areas of research

Turku School of Economics is primarily known for four focus areas of expertise: entrepreneurship, management control, networks in business, and economic policy and markets. These focus areas together with cross-cutting themes of innovation, foresight and responsibility are at the core of research at TSE.  We have a multitude of business disciplines, economics and future studies in our research and teaching portfolio. This multidisciplinary approach forms a solid foundation for both research and education. 

‚ÄčOptional degrees and disciplines

The Doctoral Programme of Turku School of Economics offers the following postgraduate degrees:
  • Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration
    (for applicants with a Master's degree in Econ. and Bus. Administration)
  • Doctor of Philosophy
    (for applicants with a Master's degree in a closely related field to business science)
  • Doctor of Social Sciences
    (for applicants with a Master's degree in Economics)
The degrees Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy can be completed in the following disciplines:
Doctor or Social Sciences degree can be completed in the major of Economics.

Please read more about the research areas of each major on their web pages.

At Turku School of Economics Pori Unit possible major subjects in the doctoral degree are Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Management & Organisation.

Studies in the Doctoral Programme of TSE

The Doctoral Programme of Turku School of Economics is a part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). Thus, all the doctoral candidates of TSE are part of UTUGS as well. In addition, Turku School of Economics is actively involved in many national doctoral programmes.
Doctoral studies provide you with a deep familiarity of your own field of science and its social significance. They will prepare you within the sphere of your research field to independently and critically apply the methods of scientific research and establish new scientific knowledge.
The doctoral degree consists of 240 ECTS credits. As a full-time student, the doctoral degree can be completed in four years. The most important part of the doctoral degree is the doctoral thesis.
  • Doctoral thesis 180 ECTS cr
  • Postgraduate studies 60 ECTS cr, of which
    • General postgraduate studies 16 ECTS cr
    • Elective studies 12 ECTS cr
Read more information on the degree structure and curricula from the Study Guide.
As a Doctoral Student you are welcome to participate in the postgraduate courses offered by Turku School of Economics and also by the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). In addition you may transfer credits of suitable courses completed elsewhere. We recommend especially courses and seminars organized by our national and international co-operation networks (doctoral programmes): KATAJA, KAVA (FDPE)TVA (FFA)TUCS, RYM-TOFDPSS and EIASM. Read more information from What it takes to do a PhD at TSE?