What does it take to do a PhD at TSE

​Studying successfully in the Doctoral Programme requires motivation, analytical skills, talent and creativity as well as good project management skills. 

As a full-time student, the doctoral degree can be completed in four years.

Doctoral training will introduce you to the world of academia: a way of thinking and academic practices. As a Doctoral Student you will become a part of an active and international research community.

The studies will involve you with

  • theories and philosophical thinking
  • constant search for latest knowledge
  • hands on work with data collection and analysis
  • research seminars
  • international conferences
  • publishing in scientific journals and series

Studying from a distance is possible to some extent depending on the field of your study.

Doctoral thesis 

The most important part of the doctoral degree is the doctoral thesis. Conducting research requires an independent outlook and often active seeking of research funding.

Your research for the thesis is supported by

  • active and high-quality supervision
  • completing postgraduate courses
  • presentations at research seminars
  • participating in conferences
  • visiting foreign universities and
  • collaborative writing and working in research groups

Your studies will culminate to the publication and public defence of your doctoral thesis with a traditional celebration called Karonkka in Finnish.