New students of the International Management and Entrepreneurship program welcome!

Professor Michael Jones (University of Bristol) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance on 23.- 25.8.2017

How to spread your idea of a bread

Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference (HTHIC2017) at the University Consortium of Pori 27.–29.9.2017

Dr. Francois-René Lherm (ESCP-Paris) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance on 4.-8.6.2017

Baltic Rim Economies 2/2017 published

International Business Annual Report 2016 is published

”It is usually better to be an excellent you than a mediocre them” - Seminar with Professor Jay Barney

Annual Report 2016 of the Entrepreneurship Unit available

Dr. Susan O´Leary (Royal Holloway, University of London) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance on 3.- 5.5.2017

Annual Report 2016 of Accounting and Finance has been published

Prof. Wim van der Stede (London School of Economics) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance 31.3.2017

Prof. Albrecht Becker (University of Innsbruck) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance 2.-14.4.2017

First issue of 2017 of Baltic Rim Economies now available

Satu Teerikangas appointed as Professor in Management and Organization

Pekka Stenholm invited to the Editorial Review Board of the Small Business Economics

Former IB students win Bastu Challenge

Melanie Hassett appointed as Senior Fellow

KKOY selected Minna Goyal as IB student of the year!

KVS10 The Development of the EU-Russia Economic Relations course organised in IV period

Dr. Henning Christner (Stockholm School of Economics) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance 1.- 21.3.2017

Recruitments at the department of Marketing and International Business

December 2016 issue of Baltic Rim Economies

Support for International Business Research

Research Seminar in International Business on Mergers and Acquisitions

KULTA - Research received a three-year project grant from Emil Aaltonen Foundation

Two trial lectures in international business on November 22

Maria Elo invited to an UNCTAD panel on Entrepreneurship and Migration

A web-based platform is a good servant but a bad master in employee driven development

The KATAJA Doctoral Tutorial in International Business was held at TSE on October 17-18, 2016

Academy funding for research into Academic Entrepreneurship

Sten-Olof Hansén had his presentation of doctor honoris causa seminar in International Business Research Seminar

Dr. Yi Jiang visits the Entrepreneurship Unit on 19-20 October 2016

Call for papers for Special Issue on Migrant and Diaspora Entrepreneurs in International Entrepreneurship

IB-student Iida Puro is first to receive a Multilingual in Business -diploma

Professor Niina Nummela participates in awarding innovative higher education in Norway

Research seminar on emotions in mergers and acquisitions in International Business and Management

Latest update on entrepreneurial activity in Finland

University Teacher in International Business - Open Vacancy

Mag., PhD Candidate Marek Reuter (University of Innsbruck) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance 15.9. – 14.10.16

Call for applications: Funded doctoral candidate positions and study rights for doctoral degrees

New results on entrepreneurial passion

Academy of Marketing Conference Award for Birgitta Sandberg, Leila Hurmerinta and Henna Leino

Dr. Jonathan Scott visits Entrepreneurship Unit on 22-29 August 2016

Keynote Lecture by Mats Alvesson - 22 September 2016, 2-4pm

Professor Jarna Heinonen has been invited to take up a Visiting Professorship at the Kingston University, London

Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki receives docentship in the University of Vaasa

Dr. Masafumi Fujino (Nihon University, Tokio, Japan) visits the Department of Accounting and Finance 28.7. – 9.9.16

Smart Work in Platform Economy consortium receives AoF funding

Exploring Entrepreneurial University Evaluation at Stanford
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