Doctoral Theses

​These days, the majority of doctoral theses completed at TSE are in English.
It is typical of these theses that the research data are is gathered from one or more organisations representing business life. Below, you can find links to the dissertations, which have been published in English. 



  • 20.8.2018 Petteri Ojala (Marketing)
    thesis and summary (in Finnish)
  • 17.8.2018 Eero Ståhlberg (Accounting and Finance)
    thesis and summary
  • 2.7.2018 Ping Wang (Information Systems Science)
    Understanding electronic word-of-mouth in tourism in the social media era
    thesis and summary
  • 15.6.2018 Sami Niemelä (Economics)
    Essays on Regional Economic Development and Innovation Ecosystems in the Arctic Context
    thesis and summary
  • 8.6.2018 Jatta Jännäri (Entrepreneurship)
    Mediated Construction of an ideal gendered manager and employee
    thesis and summary
  • 1.6.2018 Farooq Mubarak (Information Systems Science)
    Rethinking the digital divide: Emerging challanges in new global economy
    thesis and summary
  • 1.6.2018 Oskari Vähämaa (Economics)
    Essays on Non-Search Unemployment and Monetary Policy
    thesis and summary
  • 1.6.2018 Ville Lauttamäki (Futures Studies)
    thesis and summary (published in Finnish)
  • 4.5.2018 Tommi Pukkinen (Entrepreneurship)
    The role of entrepreneurial orientation and dynamic capabilities in firm performance
    thesis and summary
  • 20.4.2018 Jose Teixeira (Information Systems Science)
    Coopetition in an open-source way - Lessons from the mobile and cloud computing industries
    thesis and summary
  • 2.3.2018 Peter Agyemang-Mintah (Accounting and Finance)
    Corporate Governance and Firm Financial Performance in UK Financial Institutions
    thesis and summary

  • 16.2.2018 Sanna Häkli (Accounting and Finance)
    Investointipäätöksenteon rationaalisuus kuntakontekstissa – Case-tutkimus suomalaisessa kunnassa 
    thesis (in Finnish) and summary
  • 9.2.2018 Matti Heikkonen (Quantitative Methods in Management)
    Essays on latent factor models in finance
    thesis and summary


  • 1.12.2017 Sascha Fuerst (International Business)
    Entrepreneurial internationalization: A process perspective
    thesis and summary

  • 6.10.2017 Vesa Kilpi (Supply Chain Management)
    The emerging role of knowledge in supply networks: the impact on purchasing and supply management
    thesis and summary
  • 29.9.2017 Erik Mäkelä (Economics)
    Essays on Synthetic Counterfactuals in Applied Econometrics
    thesis and summary

  • 8.9.2017 Katja Einola (International Business)
    Making sense of successful global teams
    thesis and summary

  • 22.6.2017 Marko Niemimaa (Information Systems Science)
    Performing Continuity of/in Smart Infrastructure: Exploring Entanglements of Infrastructure and Actions
    thesis and summary
  • 26.5.2017 Pasi Ikonen (Economics)
    Financial Depth, debt, and growth
    thesis and summary
  • 24.5. Mekhail Mustak (Marketing)
    Enhancing Customer Participation for Superior Value Outcomes in Knowledge Intensive Business Services
    thesis and summary
  • 19.5. Mauri Kotamäki (Economics)
    Ansiosidonnaisen työttömyysturvan rahoitus jakautuu epätasa-arvoisesti
    thesis (in Finnish) and summary
  • 19.5. Suvi Satama (Management and Organisation)
    Capturing Movement That Evades the Eye − A Sensory Ethnography of the 'Hidden' Qualities of Embodied Agency in Professional Dance
    thesis and summary
  • 20.4. Kim Ristolainen (Economics)
    Essays on Early Warning Indicators of Banking Crises
  • 17.2.2017 Kirsi Peura (Entrepreneurship)
    Exploring agency in entrepreneurship development - a narrative approach
    thesis and summary
  • 3.2.2017 Tuomas Kiiski (Supply Chain Management)
    Feasibility of commercial cargo shipping along the Northern Sea Route
    thesis and summary


  •  22.12.2016 Inna Kozlinska (Entrepreneurship)
    Evaluation of the outcomes of entrepreneurship education revisited. Evidence from Estonia and Latvia
    thesis and summary
  • 16.12.2016: Abayomi Baiyere (Information Systems Science)
    Discovering the role of Information Technology in Disruptive Innovations - enabler, sustainer or barrier?
    thesis and summary
  • 25.11.2016: Lauri Rantala (Supply Chain Management)
    Automated Purchase Order - Experiments and Expectations in Mid-sized Manufacturing Companies
    thesis and summary

  • 18.11.2016 William Degbey (International Business)
    Customer retention in a cross-border acquisition: A single case study of a knowledge-intensive firm
    thesis and summary

  • 4.11.2016 Jussi Nissilä (Information Systems Science)
    Promoting Scalability and Sustainability of ICT4D Projects Using Open Source Software
    thesis and summary

  • 28.10.2016 Minna Porasmaa (Supply Chain Management)
    Internal Integration during Organizational Transition – A Supply Chain Perspective
    thesis and summary
  • 16.9. 2016 Sini Laari (Supply Chain Management)
    Green supply chain management practices and firm performance: evidence from Finland
    thesis and summary
  • 29.8.2016 Olli Sjöblom (Information Systems Science)
    Data Mining in Promoting Flight Safety
    thesis and summary
  • 27.5.2016 Tingting Lin (Information Systems Science)
    Deviations of Governance in IT Multi-Sourcing: A Case Study
    thesis and summary
  • 29.4.2016 Mervi Vähätalo (Management and Organisation)
    Modularity in health and social services: Perspectives on organization and management
    thesis and summary
  • 29.4.2016 Nina Rilla (International Business)
    In search of the interrelatedness of innovation and internationalisation processes in entrepreneurial life science companies
    thesis and summary
  • 4.3.2016 Jani Koskinen (Information Systems Science)
    Datenherrschaft – An Ethically Justified Solution to the Problem of Ownership of Patient Information
    thesis and summary
  • 12.2.2016 Jari Lehtonen (Information Systems Science)
    IT challenges, when the company's operating environment grows and develops - Action research Finnish SME growth in global player
    thesis and summary
  • 29.1.2016 Annika Blomberg (Management and Organisation)
    Organizational creativity - hegemonic and alternative discourses
    thesis and summary




  • 11.12.2015 Pentti Korpela (Marketing)
    Towards a contextual understanding of B2B salespeople's selling competencies- An exploratory study among purchasing decision-makers of internationally-oriented technology firms
    thesis and summary
  • 13.11.2015 Nina Aarras (Economic Geography)
    In Finnish
  • 25.9.2015 Innan Sasaki (International Business)
    The Way to Organizational Longevity – Balancing stability and change in Shinise firms
    thesis and summary
  • 21.8.2015 Joonas Hämäläinen (Accounting and Finance)
    Portfolio selection under directional return predictability
    thesis and summary
  • 12.6.2015 Hannu Vahtera (Information Systems Science)
    Impact of Disruptions on Collaborative Business Models and Interorganizational Networks in Supply Management – Longitudinal Contextual Analysis of the Business Networks of Two Focal Companies
    thesis and summary 
  • 9.6.2015 Johanna Raitis (International Business)
    Identity and Multinational Corporations - Building unity within diversity
    thesis and summary 
  • 5.6.2015 Frederick Ameyaw Ahen (International Business)
    Strategic Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Global Health Governance: Pharmaceutical value co-protection in transitioning economies
    thesis and summary 
  • 29.4.2015 Janne Ohtonen (Information Systems Science)
    Business Process Management Capabilities
    thesis and summary  
  • 17.4.2015 Jenni Jaakkola (Economics)
    Essays on the decision-making in representative democracy
    thesis and summary
  • 27.3.2015 Arto Ryömä (Management and Organisation)
    In Finnish
  • 27.3.2015 Kati Suomi (Marketing)
    In Finnish
  • 12.2.2015 Hanne-Mari Hälinen (Supply Chain Management)
    Understanding the concept of logistics cost in manufacturing


  • 12.12.2014 Natalie S. Mikhaylov (Management and Organisation)
    New school ties: Social capital and cultural knowledge creation in multicultural learning environments
    thesis | read more

  • 21.11.2014 Helena Rusanen (Marketing)
    Resource access and creation in networks for service innovation
    thesis (summary from page 209) | read more


  • 28.11.2014 Juulia Räikkönen (Economic Geography)
    Enabling experiences - The role of tour operators and tour leaders in creating and managing package tourism experiences
    thesis and summary


  • 7.11.2014 Joni Salminen (Marketing)
    Startup dilemmas - Strategic problems of early-stage platforms on the Internet
    thesis (summary from page 3) | read more

  • 3.10.2014 Xiaoyu Xu (Information Systems Science)
    Understanding online game player's post-adoption behavior: An investigation of social network games in China

  • 26.9.2014 Piia Haavisto (International Business)
    Discussion forums - from idea creation to incremental innovations: Focus on heart-rate monitors
    thesis (summary from page 3) | read more


  • 12.9.2014 Sini Jokiniemi (Marketing)
    'Once again I gained so much’ - Understanding the value of business-to-business sales interactions from an individual viewpoint
    thesis (summary from page 5) | read more

  • 22.8.2014 Kimmo Laakso (Futures Studies)
    Management of major accidents - Communication challenges and solutions in the preparedness and response phases for both authorities and companies
    thesis (abstract  from page 3) | read more

  • 6.6.2014 Sirpa Hänti (Marketing)
    In Finnish

  • 16.5. 2014Salla-Tuulia Siivonen (Accounting and Finance)
    ”Holding all the cards" The associations between management accounting, strategy and strategic change
    thesis (conclusion from page 209) | read more

  • 5.5.2014 Tomi Solakivi (Supply Chain Management)
    The Connection between supply chain practices and firm performance - evidence from multiple surveys and financial reporting data
    thesis (summary from page 57) | read more

  • 22.4.2014 Terhi Tevameri (Management and Organisation)
    In Finnish

  • 28.2.2014 Marika Parvinen (Accounting and Finance)
    In Finnish

  • 10.1.2014 Kirsi-Mari Kallio (Accounting and Finance)
    In Finnish


  • 20.12.2013 Anna-Maija Kohijoki (Economic Geography)
    In Finnish

  • 18.12.2013 Elina Pelto (International Business)
    Spillover effects of foreign entry on local firms and business networks in Russia - A case study on Fazer Bakeries in St. Petersburg
    thesis | read more
  • 14.12.2013 Emmi Martikainen (Economics)
    Essays on the demand for information goods
  • 5.12.2013 Jarkko Harju (Economics)
    Essays on taxation – Evidence from tax reforms
  • 22.11.2013 Valtteri Kaartemo (International Business)
    Network development process of international new ventures in Internet-enabled markets: Service ecosystems approach
    thesis | read more
  • 15.11.2013 Pekka Matomäki (Quantitative Methods in Management)
    On two-sided controls of a linear diffusion
  • 13.11.2013 Karri Rantasila (Operations & Supply Chain Management)Measuring Logistics Costs. Designing a generic model for assessing macro logistics costs in a global context with empirical evidence from the manufacturing and trading industries
  • 25.10.2013 Jarkko Heinonen (Economics)
    In Finnish
  • 4.10.2013 Taina Eriksson (International Business)
    Dynamic capability of value net management in technology-based international SMEs
    thesis | read more
  • 20.9.2013 Maria Höyssä (Economic Geography)
    Where science meets its use - Exploring the emergence of the practical relevance of scientific knowledge in the regional context
    thesis (summary from page 69) | read more
  • 20.9.2013 Sanna-Mari Renfors (Marketing)
    Myyjän toiminnan laatu kuluttajapalvelujen myyntikohtaamisessa - Ostajan näkökulma myyjän suoritusarviointiin (Evaluating the quality of sales behaviors in sales encounters -
    A study of buyers’ quality perceptions in business-to-consumer services selling)
    thesis (in Finnish, English summary from page 173) | read more
  • 28.6.2013 Jani Merikivi (Information Systems Science)
    Still believing in virtual worlds: A decomposed approach (Virtuaalimaailmat ovat vielä täällä - tarkennettu menettelytapa)
  • 17.5.2013 Kirsi Lainema (Management and Organisation)
    Managerial Interaction – Discussion Practices in Management Meetings
  • 19.4.2013 Samppa Suoniemi (Marketing)
    The Impact of CRM System Development on CRM Acceptance
  • 5.4.2013 Hanna Pitkänen (Accounting and Finance)
    Theorizing formal and informal feedback practices in management accounting through three dimensions

Doctoral theses in 2012: 

  • 21.12.2012 Riitta Birkstedt: Between the deliberate and the emergent - Constructing corporate brand meaning in MNCs
    thesis (summary from page 217)
  • 20.12.2012 Ewald Kibler: New venture creation in different environments: Towards a multilayered institutional approach to entrepreneurship
    thesis (summary from page 71)
  • 14.12.2012 Tommi Tapanainen: Information Technology (IT) manager’s contribution to IT agility in organizations – views from the field
    thesis (summary from page 87)
  • 23.11.2012 Katja Taipalus: Signalling asset price bubbles with time-series method
    thesis and summary
  • 23.11.2012 Tapani Torpo: Tilintarkastusverkoston muodostuminen ja toiminta toimivan johdon vallinnassa olevassa osakeyhtiömuotoisessa yrityksessä (The development and the operation of the auditing network in the limited company, property administrated by the management) 
    thesis (summary in English page 243)
  • 16.11.2012 Timo Teinilä: Marketing corporate debt
     thesis | read more
  • 14.9.2012 Markku Karma: Tunnetaito neljässä organisaatiotyypissä. Merkitysten joustavuus yhteisön menestystekijänä (The thesis investigates the forms and characteristics of emotional skills in Finnish working communities)
    read more
  • 31.8.2012 Marja Känsälä: Työura ja parisuhde - erilliset yhdessä? Työn ja muun elämän yhteensovittaminen kahden uran pariskunnilla (The thesis investigates how dual career couples reconcile working career and couple relationship.)
    read more
  • 8.6.2012 Najmul Islam: Understanding e-learning system users’ post-adoption usage behavior and its outcomes. A study with a learning management system 
    thesis | read more
  • 1.6. 2012 Mikko Kepsu: Earnings management in the process of preparing corporate financial reports 
    thesis | read more
  • 18.5. 2012 Diego Chantrain: Social Capital Inheritance, Resource Co-optation and Performance in Corporate Spin-Off Firms
     thesis | read more
  • 17.2.2012 Aleksandra Maslowska: Studies on Institutions and Central Bank Independence
     thesis | read more
  • 17.2.2012 Salla Laasonen: Corporate responsibility guaranteed by dialogue? Examining the relationship between nongovernmental organizations and busines
     thesis | read more
  • 20.1.2012 Katja Heikkilä: Russian public officials in Finnish MNC business network
     thesis | read more