10th Global Brand Conference at Turku School of Economics

The 2015 conference theme, Creative brand and design, highlighted innovativeness and the pivotal role of design in the development of brands and in business in general. The number of the submitted papers demonstrates the academic interest towards the topic as well as its importance, and the diversity of the papers showed the various angles one can take to branding. Since the conference was held in Finland, we invited keynote speakers from companies that represent Finnish culture, economy, and heritage: Biofore company UPM (forests, i.e. Finland’s ‘green gold’); Lighting manufacturer and lighting specialist Innolux (the importance of light); Cosmetic company Lumene (nature), and Entertainment media company Rovio (technological development and game industry).

On the first day, the social programme took delegates to Herrankukkaro (Mama’s Pocket: Lord’s Purse) in the Turku archipelago. Team spirit was raised by a rowing competition, and luckily, no one fell overboard. After that, the delegates had a chance to experience the world’s largest smoke sauna (seating 124 people), and the brave ones even jumped in the freezing cold sea water. The evening was topped off with a fish dinner. The social programme continued on Tuesday evening by a reception hosted by the City of Turku.

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The Journal of Product and Brand Management will be accepting submissions from the conference (deadline Monday June 1, 2015). The papers must be directly submitted to the system

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