Curriculum and degrees

Subject areas 

Also by reference to international standards, Turku School of Economics boasts a comprehensive array of educational options. As a part of the normal curriculum for undergraduate and graduate degrees, there are nearly 100 courses offered in English. Instruction is offered in the following subject areas:

In addition, courses are offered in the following languages, where the emphasis is on business communication and cultural issues:


The Turku School of Economics (TSE) offers the following undergraduate and graduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Social Sciences
  • Master of Arts

Bachelor's degrees can be completed only in Finnish whereas certain Master's degree programmes are offered completely in English.

Bachelor's degrees

Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration and Bachelor of Social Sciences are undergraduate degrees. They consist of 180 ECTS credits and can be completed in three years.

The Bachelor's degree programmes at Turku School of Economics are organised only in Finnish.

Finnish Matriculation Examination and equivalent foreign qualifications provide the general eligibility for applying to the university. The entrance examination is obligatory for everyone who does not have previous university degree in Economics and Business Administration. The examination takes place in June. It is in Finnish and is based on books written in Finnish. A good command of Finnish is required, because the general/introductory studies (first year studies) are offered only in Finnish.

Master's degrees

Master's degrees offered at Turku School of Economics are graduate level degrees.. The extent of the Master's degree is 120 ECTS credits, and it can be completed in two years.

Master of Economics and Business Administration degree is offered in English in the Global Innovation Management and Global Information Technology Management and International Master in Management of Information Technology  master's degree programmes. It is also possible to complete a Master of Science degree in the Global Information Technology Management programme.

Studies in the Futures Studies master's degree programme result in the degree of Master of Arts.

Master of Social Sciences degree can be completed only in Finnish at Turku School of Economics. 

Admission requirements for Master's degree programmes vary. Check the pages of each programme for more detailed information.