Demarcation of Study Time

​The targeted completion time for higher (Master's) degree is two academic years. Students accepted for a Master's degree have the right to complete the degree two years past the targeted completion time. More information can be found here.

Applying for additional time

If you need additional time to complete your studies, you can apply for it from your own faculty. Information on how to apply can be found here. Please follow the general instructions on how to apply for additional time. Also, please note that students at Turku School of Economics need to fill in an application and enclose the following documents:

  1. Personal study plan with detailed information on the planned completion times of remaining courses
  2. Report on the situation of your Master's thesis if it is unfinished (e.g. an assessment of the situation of the thesis, information on who the supervisor is and if you have taken part in thesis group meetings). Also provide us with an informal statement of the situation of your thesis written by your supervisor (e.g. an e-mail)
  3. If you apply for additional time because of a life situation (illness, societal activity, student exchange, internship etc.), enclose appropriate support documents such as a medical report with the application form

The application can be returned to the Office for Academic and Student Affairs at Turku School of Economics either personally (see the opening hours here) or by e-mail to Once the decision is made, it will be sent to you by e-mail.

Passive register

The passive register regulation only applies to degree students who have been accepted to the University of Turku in spring 2005 or earlier.

According to the current regulation of the University of Turku (Turun yliopiston opintojohtosääntö, 8 §), degree and doctoral students’ right to study may be transferred to the passive register if they do not pursue studies actively.

A passive study right can be re-activated. In this case the student may be required to pay a re-registration fee. More information on the passive register can be found here. For more instructions on how to apply for a re-activation of the study right, please contact Please note that the enclosures listed above in the 'Applying for additional time' section are requested also from those applying for a re-activation of the study right.