Baltic Rim Economies
The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea region. In the BRE review, high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

Latest issue was published 31.5.2018.

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Expert articles:

  • Anne Berner: New opportunities and trends in Nordic cooperation 
  • Aleksi Randell: Core Network Corridors will gain importance as drivers of the competitiveness of the Baltic region
  • Alexey Vedev: Economic development of Russia in 2017-2018: A recovery-driven unstable growth
  • Ville Skinnari: Are we ready to head North?
  • Timo Hirvonen: Cooperation between the Finnish and Swedish navies
  • Peter Stolt: Sweden’s and Finland’s deepened defense cooperation
  • Jari Sainio: The international cooperation of Southwest Finland Emergency Services in the Baltic Sea
  • Jyri Raitasalo: The clash of security perspectives
  • Galina Gavrilko: Militarization of the Baltic Sea Region: Economic consequences and scenarios for the development of military and political confrontation
  • Heidi Fransila: Shared situational awareness is a deterrent in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Jaakko Mikkola: Kymenlaakso: A region by the sea and the EU external border
  • Marita Toikka: Kouvola: Perfect for growing logistics operations
  • Jarosław Suchoples: Exploring potential of bilateral contacts: Relations between Poland and Finland nowadays
  • Jarno Syrjälä: New trends in the Finnish-Chinese economic relations
  • Alexander Gremitskikh: St. Petersburg and Turku: A time-tested friendship
  • Tomi Taipale: Could Lithuanian companies help Finland achieve greater success?
  • Iaroslav Chornogor: Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian regional partnership
  • Marc Lemaître: EU supporting cooperation across borders in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Dagfinn Høybråten: Trust defines the Nordic countries and brings them together
  • Tobias Etzold & Christian Opitz: More political relevance for Nordic cooperation
  • Kari Ruohonen & Malla Paajanen: Helsinki Tallinn railway tunnel: Results of the FinEst Link feasibility study
  • Allan Selirand: You know Estonia as an IT-country: Wait till you find out what else we can offer
  • Paavo Virkkunen: Travel boom from China to Finland: Coincidence or not?
  • Kyösti Karvonen: Finland chooses continuity
  • Mika Hentunen: Draining the swamp in Washington means fewer diplomatic channels to Baltic Rim countries
  • Manabu Senkogu: The Baltic States and Japan: What, if any, are the possibilities of further cooperation?
  • Madeleine Granvik: 27 years of regional work: The Baltic University Programme
  • Helene Carlbäck: Swedes in Russia: Narratives in change
  • John Christmas: Latvian narratives and the EBRD
  • Sergey Kalendzhyan: Business education in Russia: New trends and perspectives
  • David Szakonyi: The effects of state capitalism on Russia’s business environment
  • Csaba Weiner: Outward foreign direct investment by Russian MNEs: Focus on home-country push factors, Europe and five CEE countries
  • Sergei F. Sutyrin & Serafima Khatkevich: Wind of change: New opportunities for Finnish-Russian energy cooperation
  • Katriina Valli: The future of machine learning and advanced analytics: Finland and Russia perspective
  • Ekaterina Tarasova: On recent anti-nuclear movements in Russia
  • Laura Klemetti: From Putin to people: Perspectives on the Russian hydrocarbon age
  • Azat Rakhmanov: Business elites of the Baltic Sea region
  • Irina Dezhina: Russian innovation system in the digital era
  • Meelis Kitsing: Regulation of digital platforms in Europe: A stumbling block or a building block?
  • Irene Malgina: Digital economy: The case of Belarus
  • Kari Perälä & Jukka Partinen: Project of fluency cross-border car traffic on South-East of Finland
  • Minna Säpyskä-Aalto: The hunt for cross-border startups
  • Martin Korpi: Immigration and the Swedish labor market
  • Jari Hänninen: Changing environment of the Baltic Sea should be recognized in the future resource management activities
  • Lauri Paltemaa: Finnish economic relations with China: Trends and risks
  • Sun Yan: China-CEE cooperation and China- EU relationship: Background, progress and outcomes
  • Jukka Aukia: China’s 16+1 platform and the Baltic States

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