Baltic Rim Economies
The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea region. In the BRE review, high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

Latest issue was published 28.2.2017.

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Expert articles: 

  • Olavi Ala-Nissilä: Baltic Sea countries can offer lessons and boost to Finnish economy
  • Solvita Āboltiņa: The evolution of cyber security threats
  • Mats Löfström: The need for longer perspectives in a fast moving world
  • Laimdota Straujuma: Sustainable development of Latvia
  • Joakim Strand: Vaasa - the Nordic energy capital
  • Valdemaras Sarapinas: Lithuania and Finland: shoulder to shoulder in ensuring security for themselves and the whole region
  • Edward Hunter Christie: Russia’s challenge to the security of NATO allies and partners in Northeast Europe
  • Hannes Möllits: Russia: reaping the whirlwind in 2017?
  • Uģis Romanovs: Defending Baltic States: overlooked importance of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa islands
  • Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark: Thucydides, Melos and the Åland Islands
  • Agnieszka Blokus-Roszkowska: Opportunities and challenges of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) electricity network
  • Anke Schmidt-Felzmann: Russia’s military aggression and the security threats posed by “purely commercial” projects in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Danila Bochkarev: Additional routes will increase competition in European energy market
  • Tor Morten Osmundsen: The clean fuel opportunity in the Baltic Sea
  • Esa Härmälä: The Baltic Sea Rim –Biomass base of Europe
  • Edwin Bacon: Russia’s parliament and the potential for political evolution
  • Joscha Schwarzwälder: More and better investment in the labour market integration of refugees
  • Holger Mölder: Information warfare – a Hobbesian concept of war in the post-truth era
  • Heidi Zidan: Novosti Yle – Finnish news in Russian
  • Olga Davydova-Minguet: Finland’s Russian speakers as media users
  • Teemu Oivo: The use of quantity as a competitive edge in Russian TV
  • Irene Pendolin: Union of the Baltic Cities – communicating for a sustainable, smart and safe Baltic Sea Region
  • Ivan Timofeev: Security developments in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Konstantin K. Khudoley: Highlights of the current state of international relations in Baltic Sea Region
  • Anna Karlsdóttir: Securing Nordic Arctic sustainable development – Arctic cooperation in the Nordic realm
  • Judyth L. Twigg: Continued collaboration and vigilance against tuberculosis in Russia
  • Peter W. Schulze: Geopolitical repercussions of a changing world order on Russian-EU relations
  • Ilya Tarasov: Coherence between the interests of Russia and Germany in the Baltic States
  • Jeremy Smith: Where are Russia’s national minorities?
  • Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus: Heritage in flux: Europeanization as identity politics
  • Adelia Fatikhova: Company towns in Russian Federation
  • Gisela Grieger: China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative: a win-win situation for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR)?
  • Dirk Linowski & Andrew Johansson: Gauging the impact of China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative on the Baltic Rim
  • Tamas Matura: China and Central and Eastern Europe: threat or opportunity?
  • Micael Blomster: New Scandinavian rail hub for China traffic over North Finland
  • Kari Reinikainen: Chinese yards to challenge Europe in passenger ship building
  • Ott Koppel: Some side notes about Rail Baltic
  • Hiltgunt Fanning: The economic development of the Baltic Sea Region - what major indicators tell us
  • Birgitta Berg-Andersson: The impact of EU’s sanctions on Russia and Russia’s counter-sanctions on Finland’s exports to Russia
  • Nikolai Kolesnikov: Sanctions: no pain, no gain
  • Tiiu Paas & Maryna Tverdostup: Human capital in Nordic Countries and Estonia: PIAAC-based assessment
  • Jeff Schubert: Russia’s technology push: What is it? Who believes what?
  • Džineta Dimante: Towards circular economy in Latvia

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