Some references in 2000s
The Pan-European Institute has cooperated with the following organisations:

Academy of Finland

  • The role of Russian enterprises as actors in international business arena
  • Growth triangles in regions bordering the enlarged European Union
  • Development of new value chains in Russia: implications on competitiveness, impact of economic growth in St.Petersburg on Russia and Finland
  • International dimensions of innovation system in Russia-Improving the functionality via networking

European Comission

  • Strengthening and developing business and administrative education in Kaliningrad region
  • Industrial restructuring in the NIS: experience and lessons from the new EU member states
  • Challenges and prospects of cross-borded cooperation in the context of EU enlargement

European Parliament

  • Kaliningrad - an attractive location for EU investors

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland

  • Food industry value chains in Leningrad oblast and Krasnodar krai

Ministry of Education, Finland

  • Development of Russian external economic relations
  • Russia as a source and target of direct investments

Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finland

  • Study of the skills of personnel from the Russian construction industry emploeyd by Finnish companies and theirs subsidiaries in Finland and Russia

Parliament of Finland

  • Expert's opinion regarding foreign investments to Belarus

Prime Minister's Office, Finland

  • The Baltic Sea region as Finland's economic environment


  • UNCTAD: World Investment Report 2006

World Bank

  • Development of integral economic indicators for the sub-regional level in Russia