Teaching and education

The Pan-European Institute provides four courses in English at Turku School of Economics under the subject heading of International Business.

Courses in English:

  • KV22 The Russian Market Economy (Kari Liuhto)
  • KV23/TM33 Business in the Baltic Sea Region (Kari Liuhto)
  • KVS10/TMS32 The Development of EU-Russian Economic Relations (Kari Liuhto)
  • KVS14/TMS36 Investment Opportunities in Eastern Europe (Kari Liuhto)

More detailed descriptions of the courses in the study guide. For more information about the courses, please contact the persons in charge of the courses mentioned above.

Education services
PEI personnel act as experts at various conferences and offer in-house training on the themes related to the Institute’s research focus areas. For further information, please contact Elisa Aro at or +358505058741.

Presentation Award
In autumn 2003, the Pan-European Institute started a tradition of granting Presentation Awards to distinguished visiting lecturers. The award is given in recognition of expertise and high-quality presentation. The Presentation Award has been granted to the following speakers.


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