Accounting and finance
Research and teaching in accounting and finance covers the areas of management accounting, financial accounting (including auditing) and finance. The fundamental issues within accounting and finance are profitability of economic units, cost efficiency, the balance of finance and generating information to meet the needs of investors, financial markets and other stakeholders.

 Latest Publications

"Investigating highly established research paradigms: Receiving contextuality in contingency theory based management accounting research"
Markus Granlund - Kari Lukka (2016), Critical Perspectives on Accounting.​​

"Business int​elligence in decision making in Finnish enterprises"
Erno Nykänen - Marko Järvenpää - Henri Teittinen (2016), Nordic Journal of Business, Vol. 65 (2)​​, 24-44

"Performance measurement system in the situation of simultaneous vertical and horizontal integration"
Jukka Pellinen - Henri Teittinen - Marko Järvenpää (2016), International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 36 (10), 1182 - 1200​ 

"Firm-level disclosure in the Baltic and Nordic regions before and after the mandatory adoption of the IFRS"
Yuan Ding - Hannu Schadéwitz (2016) (Business Quest)
"Financial Reporting Standards: Global Or International?"
Frederick Lindahl - Hannu Schadewitz (2016), B>Quest (Business Quest)   
"Rahoitusalan sovellukset ja Excel".
Vaihekoski, Mika (2016), Talentum Oyj, ISBN: 978-952-14-2712-1 
"Why grids in accounting?"
Chakhovich, Terhi - McGoun, Elton G., (2016), Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol. 34, p. 36-59

"The construction of persuasiveness of self-assessment based post-completion auditing reports" (in press)
 Huikku, J.  -  Lukka, K (2015),  Accounting and Business Research
"Short-term expectations in listed firms. The effects of different owners"
Tor Brunzell -  Eva Liljeblom - Mika Vaihekoski (2015), Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting, vol. 26, no. 3, 223-256
"Capital structure policy decisions in Nordic listed firms"
Brunzell, Tor – Löflund, Anders – Liljeblom, Eva – Vaihekoski, Mika (2015),  Nordic Journal of Business, vol. 64, no. 1, 4-20
"Yritysrahoituksen perusteet"
Martikainen, Minna – Vaihekoski, Mika (2015), Sanoma Pro Oyj. 
ISBN: 978-952-63–2985–7.

"A project for Romania? The role of the civil society's counter-accounts in facilitating democratic change in society"
Apostol, Oana (2015), Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 28(2), 210-241

"Exploring the possibilities for causal explanation in interpretive research"
Lukka, Kari (2014), Accounting, Organizations and Society, 39(7), 559-566

"Controlling creativity and innovation: Paradox or necessity?"
Pfister, Jan (2014), in Otley, David. & Soin, Kim. Management control and uncertainty





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