Bachelor's degree program

The BSc degree program in accounting and finance

Accounting and finance BSc degree program provides a basic level but comprehensive academic foundation for working in financial management and finance positions such as a finance manager or a CFO. BSc degree program gives the student a broad and comprehensive professional basis about financial accounting and auditing, management accounting and finance. After completing the Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, the student

  • Knows the basics of bookkeeping and preparing and analyzing of the financial statement
  • Knows the basic concepts and tools of management accounting
  • Knows the basic theories and applications of finance
  • Has the basic skills to start applying their knowledge and skills in practical work within financial administration and finance
  • Is able to use teamwork skills as well as language and communication skills

After completing the BSc degree program in accounting and finance the student has a robust, comprehensive and broad academic base in financial administration and finance functions.






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