Master's degree program
The MSc degree program in accounting and finance
Accounting and finance MSc degree program gives the student excellent capabilities to work in responsible and extremely demanding positions within financial management and finance. This covers different international financial management and finance positions and demanding professional positions such as a certified auditor or investment/credit analyst.  In the MSc degree program the student deepens his knowledge and skills in accounting and finance. In the degree program students choose one of the three areas of specialization: financial accounting and auditing, management accounting or finance. Especially concerning the working life the three areas of specialization can be described as follows:
Financial accounting and auditing:
  • Generating financial accounting for different stakeholders (i.e.. bookkeeping, financial accounting, tax planning) and corporate social responsibility reporting
  • International accounting (i.e. IFRS, consolidated accounts, statement of fund flows)
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Auditing
Management accounting:
  • ​Accounting related to the strategic and operational management, planning and monitoring (i.e. budgeting, cost accounting and -management, responsibility area accounting, performance measurement and accounting- and compensation systems)
  • Accounting that serves the decision-making in different organizational levels (i.e. capital budgeting, strategic planning, alternative operational decisions and pricing-decisions)
  • Business controller education
  • ​Capital markets, investment decisions and asset-pricing
  • Topics in corporate finance
  • Risk management and derivatives